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Improve your workplace wellbeing and general health support.
Increase your staff reliability, focus, efficiency and productivity.
Enhance your organisations meetings and events performance.


The hard facts

The cost of sickness absence to UK businesses in 2018 was £80 billion, mental ill health equated to 50% of that sum and is rising fast. More than 15 million working days per annum are lost in the UK due to mental health issues and ¾ million UK workers are suffering with work related mental health problems. In a government report a staggering 97% of employees consider their employer is entirely responsible for their mental health and 40% consider their employer does nothing to support them. 1 in 4 of your employees have, are or will be affected by a mental health illness.


Our Innovation

Our concept originally derived from five core fitness categories and the importance of having optimum pre-workout or post workout nutrition. To encourage children to drink healthier, we also added a junior category and we offer a unique mind menu to support brain health. Our desire was to achieve accreditation for our mind menu; however, the Food for the Brain Foundation were so impressed by our simplified approach to healthy drink choices, they accredited our entire range of drinks. Through this process, we have realised that there are multiple applications and considerable benefits to our offering.


Our B2B services

We can deliver single order drinks, high volume cold pressed juice dispensers or a buffet spread to suit your business meetings, corporate events or company occasion. Our all-natural drinks restore energy, improve focus and put the spark back into your meetings. We can also entertain and educate your business visitors or staff with general workplace wellbeing awareness. From fun and healthy drink contests to educating about the more serious implications of mental health, we can support you to deliver the perfect solution for any occasion.


Staff wellbeing

We can create a tailored solution with unique benefits suited to meet your business requirements via our innovative Health Card Scheme. We offer health packages that genuinely support staff wellbeing, help reduce obesity and the risks of critical illness, increase longevity of life and boost immune systems. We are not all necessarily strong in making the healthiest food or drink choices, sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement. Here is our interpretation of some potential work profiles which is similar to DISC profiling:

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See the light

Take positive action, support your employees to a healthier future and reap the benefits that this all new and innovative concept can bring to the performance of your business. We’ll also make you an introductory offer you won’t want to miss; including free drinks, free delivery, a minimum 10% discount or loyalty reward for you and your team.

Call us on 07936 968903, email us at hello@5five.bar or pop in to the bar for a chat or to arrange a meeting and discover more ways we can support you and your team to a healthier future.

Food for the Brain

Food for the Brain wishes to raise awareness of the importance of optimum nutrition in mental health. They are a charitable foundation working to inform organisations and empower individuals to change their diet and lifestyle and take greater control of their own mental health. Alongside the charity, there is a not-for-profit clinic, the Brain Bio Centre which helps individuals by utilising nutrition, diet and lifestyle recommendations to assist mental health conditions.

Butterfly Cups

Butterfly cups have multiple advantages including eliminating plastic lids/straws, preventing splashes, speeds up serving and our BIOPBS version has a plant-based coating, most cups have a plastic coating.

When you have enjoyed your drink, just place them in the cardboard recycling! Butterfly cups are compostable and biodegradable. So, they have no impact on the environment whatsoever. Additionally, they are produced from renewable materials, thereby completing the environmentally friendly life cycle.

Classic Tea & Coffee

Simply download and register to browse our menu, accrue 10% loyalty rewards, receive £5 free registration, buy gift vouchers and book drinks for collection at your convenience.

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Simply download and register to browse our menu, accrue 10% loyalty rewards, receive £5 free registration, buy gift vouchers and book drinks for collection at your convenience.

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